About me

Quiet Water - Illustration

I’m Britta, a freelance illustrator living and working in Bonn, Germany.

I create fictional worlds and characters while focusing on message and storytelling. If you want to keep an eye on my work, I post regularly on Instagram.

My art ist a combination of traditional and digital media, always focusing on narration and storytelling. My work can be found in magazines, books, advertising and many more – it is at home anywhere there is a story to be told.


For work inquiries and everything else, drop me a note at britta.berdin@gmx.de


How I work

Each commission starts with information from the client:

  • What can I draw for you and what is it for? Editorial piece, story illustration, cover art, interior etc.
  • Where will it be published?
  • How many illustrations are there going to be?
  • What is your deadline?

With all these information I can send the client an estimate. If it’s for a larger illustration job, I send a working contract as well.

According to the clients specifications, I make a number of sketches (more for concepts, less for a specific scenery) and send these to the client for review. A certain number of change requests are included in this stage.

Once the client has choosen a sketch, I will flesh out a more detailed drawing with pencil. After review from the client, I make adjustments where requested.

After the client gives his thumbs up for the drawing, I will render it in color (or black & white if requested). I usually work digitally at this stage and add details in layers. Working like this, I can easily react to change requests in color or mood.

Once it’s finished, I send it to the client for a final review. If everyone is happy, I send a high-res file of the illustration in the requested file type.